So Soul San Francisco presents High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Join us on Thursday, May 17th in the Brava Cabaret for an episode of So Soul San Francisco: Black Art Salons as BACCE examines banned, censored and controvesial theater texts.  Centered around Robert O'Hara's scathing satire, An American Ma(u)l, the company stages and discusses the value and potency of shock, crudeness, vulgarity and other potentially... Continue Reading →


A House/Full of Blackwomen takes over the Brava Cabaret #sosoulsf

On March 15, Amara Tabor Smith and Ellen Sebastian Chang brought an episode of their wondrous project, House/Full to the Brava Cabaret. A magic punch put everyone in the mood for love and art; beans warmed our soul; and melodies, mantras and meaningful messages caressed our ears.  The project was formed to address the emotional,... Continue Reading →

Black Benatar’s Black Magic Cabaret

Black Benatar aka Beatrice Thomas will takeover the Brava Cabaret for the April So Soul San Francisco Black Art Salon on April 19th!  Expect magic, expect love and laughter, expect the unexpected.  Special Guests, food and fun. Read all about it and buy tickets here!

Our Indiegogo Campaign is funding!

Join our Indiegogo Campaign and help fund our next shows.  Your donations will go to production expenses, costumes, props, set, rehearsal space -  things that are not supported by grants.   We are embarking on some very beautiful projects and hope you will come along with us.  Read all about it here.

Big Thanks to Marlene Yarosh!  Our first Indiegogo contributor.  Way to kick it off Marlene!  Join Marlene in supporting BACCE.

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