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Thanks to all who participated in the contest and supported Brava with a donation.  The winner will be announced soon.  Check back to see who will be attending the San Francisco production of Hamilton and backstage tour as a new Brava donor!


Dazie R. Grego, Ramona Webb & Sevan Kelee Boult offer stunning new work in So Soul San Francisco: Passing The Torch

So Soul San Francisco: Passing The Torch yielded moving performances by all three performers.  Beginning with Sevan Kelee Boult’s ukelele supported spoken word and song the evening’s significance was immediate as their stories from American life were framed in painful and exquisite prose.  Ramona Webb’s work in progress How to Catch A Rapist in 12 Parts: Act I was a personal glimpse into the beauty of struggle and triumph. Rounding out the evening was a searing work by Dazié R Grego-Sykes,, entitled Nigger-Roo: Make me Black. Donning the haunt of blackface Grego takes on the complex topics of color conciousness, internalized oppression, media stereotypes and more in a sharply satirical performance that elicited vocal signifying from the full house.  An exellent kick-off to BACCE 2016.  Look for more from these amazing performers

Photo: l-r, Sevan Kelee Boult, Ramona Webb, Dazié R Grego-Sykes